Helping Produce the Safest Beef in the World!

Welcome to Champion Feeders, a premier provider in the Cattle Feeding Industry, strategically positioned in the heart of the largest cattle feeding area in the nation. With three key locations, including the renowned Champion feed yard (42,000 capacity), situated three miles east of Hereford, TX on highway 60 and a half mile south on FM Road 2943,  Tascosa feed yard (25,000 capacity), located 15 miles west of Amarillo, near Bushland, TX on Sampson Rd., and Mead Cattle Co. (30,000 capacity), merely 2.5 miles from Mead, NE on county road 10, we are ideally placed to serve your needs efficiently. Our region boasts ideal climatic conditions for cattle feeding, and with four major packers within our marketing areas, we ensure unparalleled support for your operations. Champion Feeders is committed to providing professional services for all cattle feeders, including feeder cattle procurement, risk management assistance, and a diverse range of marketing alternatives. Our pen sizes range from 50 to over 300 head, and our experienced team of cowboys is adept at sorting finished cattle for slaughter, catering to both large and small feeders.

In a strategic move, in the spring of 2023, Champion Feeders acquired Hitch Feeders I, Henry C. Hitch Feed Yard, Hitch Ranch, and Hitch Mills, solidifying our commitment to serve you with unparalleled expertise and reliability. In a seamless transition, Hitch Mills has been rebranded as Champion Mills, symbolizing our vision of seamless integration and continued excellence. This strategic expansion has fortified our capacity to offer exceptional feed solutions, setting new benchmarks in quality and service within the industry. Backed by decades of experience and an unwavering dedication to cutting-edge research and sustainable practices, Champion Feeders is devoted to delivering premium cattle feed products tailored to meet the specific needs of your livestock, ensuring their optimal health and performance.